My top 5 Japanese learning sites.

Hi! This is my first blog post of this nature and it will only be brief. I wanted a place where I could share some of my favourite resources for learning Japanese for people who find themselves floating around the Internet looking for helpful sites but can’t quite find them! (Also a place to direct people who ask me!)

I think these sites are great for beginners, intermediate learners, self learners and even University students. Enjoy!

This is the only site I use that is not free. It is, however, free up to level 2, and after that you can upgrade to a monthly subscription or a yearly one, and the prices are very fair! So you have nothing to lose by giving it a shot. I don’t like to pay for much but I think this site is worth it for learning kanji, vocabulary and radicals. It is currently in beta, but join up and give it a go. It can only improve!

Wanikani uses a flash card style learning method which uses spaced repetition and very memorable mnemonics. It proves useful for learning to read and recognise kanji, vocabulary and understanding radicals. If you keep at this and be really consistent, you could literally learn 1700 kanji (& tonnes of vocab using that kanji) in about a year. That is pretty frickin sweet! The site is also beautiful, colourful and the creators make it feel like you’re playing a game, rather than learning! You sneaky Crabigators!

Jisho is a cool site that is basically a giant online dictionary for words / kanji. Many a Japanese learner swear by this site! Check out the sentences tab for suggested ways to use your kanji and vocab.

This site is FREE and really awesome. There are no adds and they run on donations! If you like the site, throw $5 their way so the creators can keep it real!

This site is wicked if you get stuck with verbs and how to conjugate them. Or even just if you need to look up a verb! It has a LOT of them. Click on the verb to see all of the ways you can conjugate that verb. Yay!

The only thing that brings this site down is its use of romaji. BOOOO! 

I haven’t used this site for anything other than looking up various particles if I need to. It has a list of 188 particles so you can’t really go wrong when you need to find that perfect particle for your sentence.

This site is really cool for communicating with locals and practising your writing skills!

The idea is that you write a journal entry and native speakers will correct you and in return, you can help other people out who are learning your native language. The corrections you get are incredibly helpful and the site allows you to keep notes on the things you learn.

Lang-8 proves especially useful if you use it several times a week. You can also find many Skype partners for practising speaking and making new friends. The community is really friendly and supportive.

The good thing is, although it is dominated by Japanese learners, it isn’t only for Japanese. The site supports many different languages and you can learn several at once!

I do recommend using this site when you have a stronger concept of the language, can write decent sentences, and have some grammar knowledge. Try writing a journal entry using some of the other sites I suggested and let me know what you think!


I hope these sites help someone, anyone! They have all contributed to my improvement in the language that I love!
Leave a comment below if you have any unique and helpful sites you think I’ll like. 

Thanks for reading! 頑張りましょう!

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